About Bernie

Legendary artist Bernie Wrightson has been creating horror art for over thirty years. Best known for co-creating (with writer Len Wein) the comic character Swamp Thing, and for definitively illustrating Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Bernie also collaborates regularly with author Stephen King, having illustrated The Stand, Cycle of the Werewolf, and the Dark Tower V. He’s worked on Spiderman, Batman and The Punisher, and recently provided painted covers for the DC comics Nevermore and Toe Tags. He wrote and drew his own sci-fi mini-series Captain Sternn. But it's his horrifying, flesh-dripping illustrations that attract thousands of fans – and which has led him to work in film. As a conceptual artist, Bernie's worked on many movies, particularly in the horror genre: well-known films include Ghostbusters, The Faculty, Galaxy Quest, Spiderman, and George Romero's Land of the Dead.

Today, Bernie resides in Los Angeles with his wife Liz, where he works both on film designs and his own pet projects, including comic books, character designs for animation, and creepy drawings just for fun!